WHO am I and Why?

My name is Lisa Tagaloa.  The proud mum of a gorgeous 19 year old son, I am Aotearoa (NZ) born and of Tokelauan, Samoan and Māori descent.  

Music is my Heart.  For 20+ years I’ve gone from being a student to professional musician, tutor and everything in between.  Music taught me how to feel.  To relate.  Now I’m passionate about connecting like-wanting people to each other:  You want music + We do music = Everyone wins. 

Music is more than what you watch and hear, transcending industry and "normal societal boxes".  It's the way you communicate:  The energy.  The meaning.  The harmony between you and the other.  It's what you open yourself to:  The Wairua.  The spirit of those who came before, who are here now, and who are yet to be.  Music is the way my heart speaks and seeks to understand.

Kaitiakitanga:  to "aki aki te ti o te tangata" or “nurture the indescribable light of a person”.  A Kaitiaki has confronted the shadows and darkness of their own lived experience and in my case - from the ashes of my trauma/abuse background I found my FIRE.  That's the heart of our authenticity:  we know what the journey takes and we understand that it's unique to each being.

My Kaitiaki practice involves holding the space between you and I, so you have the freedom to explore facets of YOU as they naturally unfold, guiding the flow with questions inspired by what you share.

MITI TAHU is here to feed your FIRE through Music & Kaitiakitanga!

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